Our commitments


Limit sunscreen use

The UV filters used in sunscreen are toxic for marine life…and surely too for your body.

Oxybenzone, octocrylene, octinoxate and other names imprononnable are some of the few chemicals used….anybody knows why they are swimming with the fishes?

So bye bye sunscreen and welcome chemical free sustainable rashguards!

Still thinking ?

Sunscreen works only if applied ½ hour before sun exposure and stop protecting your skin after 2 hours…whereas your rashguard is on in 3 seconds and protects you as long as you wear it!

Simple, ecological, reusable…and this one isn’t coming out of another plastic tube…it is THE summer star!


Cleaning up the oceans

Ghost nets represent 10 percent of the marine pollution.

Collecting them and giving them a second life in textile yarn is reality thanks to Econyl® innovative technology.

The fabrics used for our rashguards are made from this regenerated extra resistant nylon.

So basically you protect your skin from the sun and help cleaning the oceans!


Give 1% of our annual sales for the planet

  • Proud member of 1%fortheplanet, we are engaged to donate 1% of our annual sales to non profit organizations helping the planet through everyday actions.

We support teams fighting for marine life protection , mainly Coral Guardian, SeaSheperd and Surfrider.

Nous soutenons celles qui protègent les fonds marins, principalement Coral Guardian, SeaSheperd et Surfrider.


French made

We are a French brand who chose to create a sustainable, ecological, chemical-free product…so of course we produce in France!
Designed and made in France F2M is REALLY French made.

Our carbon footprint is reduced and no need for us to use cargo boats for merchandise transport… it’s less oil in the oceans !

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