Our Value!

Passionate about diving, it became our daily job. Thousands of dives later we continue to be fascinated by this magical world and wish to preserve it. We then created F2M, a brand committed to protecting marine life.

Our Values

A turtle caught in a ghost net? You’re kidding me, right? The consumers want to dream, see beautiful, irresistible images…you have to create desire if you want to sell! Well it looks like F2M chose to follow a different current!

We want to show how impulse purchase, fast fashion and overconsumption is absurd, we want to show what we avoid watching…and as we offer solutions, we want to invite you being the change!

Together we can limit the footprints left in the oceans.

The marine life is fascinating and intensely beautiful … but also fragile. So our purpose driven brand act everyday to respect and protect it.

The treasures of the world beneath are timeless and anybody should be able to carry on admiring them.

Discover our concept

The creation of Anti-UV tops.

Discover our materials of confection.

How are the tops designed?

The making of F2M tops

Water followers, we use rash guards since ever and wished to create our own ourselves in France:

  • making them as comfortable dry or wet
  • using recycled fabrics
  • innovating in chemical free UV protection

However there was quite a gap between the idea and the registred brand, summed up in a few lines below.

First the research time! WANTED: ecologically sustainable UV protection textile, factories with reachable MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and green labelled heat transfers.

Then the creation with numerous design and technical consultants, prototypes, trying ons, retouchs, new prototypes, new designs, new trying ons…

Finally the tests to check the tops in real situation: used in chlorine water , used in salty water, they were also washed and rewashed without a change!

Eventually they’re born in June 2020!

Practical, high quality, breathable and colorful, they are made to last and be worn all summer long!

Sunscreens danger on marine life

1936 in France was the kick off year for paid holidays and sunscreens on the market.

Decades later and hours of basting ourselves with sunscreens, it is thousands of tones of them which ended up in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

Their toxicity has been proved by numerous scientific studies and show that 10% of coral reefs are directly affected by the UV filters. It is a real danger for marine life.
There is an average of 0,8 liters per second, so 25 000 tones of toxic product per year, used by swimmers diluted in the water, reaching corals and killing them in 48 hours.

This threat was taken seriously in Hawaï. A May 2018 law simply forbids the selling of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate.

In 2020 Micronesia’s Palaos islands followed by adopting as well this preventive law in order to safeguard their coral reefs.

Now what about you ? Do you wish to wait that all waters edges impose chemical free sunscreens or are you ready for the 3rd millennium sun protection ?
Eco friendly UV protection is a possible reality



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Our manufacturing 100% French

Commonly called “lycras” by water sports enthusiasts, this sun protection is mainly manufactured far from France. F2M wished to remedy this by offering anti-UV tops to all sun cream users who also wish to wear clothing designed and manufactured in their territory.

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